1. INTRODUCTION:       Sherpa Association United Kingdom (SAUK), formerly known as Sherpa Kyidug United Kingdom when it was first formed in 2003, by a small majority. Whilst the influx in Sherpas settling in the United Kingdom increases, it was deemed necessary to form an association.  The name change took place in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Ashford, in January 2012. The primary aim of the association was to try and give support to all Sherpas in the United Kingdom, whether they are permanently residents, students or workers.

2.1       Enhance, promote, further and foster unity, co-operation amongst the Sherpa community and also within the wider Nepalese community residing in the United Kingdom.

2.2       Preserve, develop and educate Sherpa religion, culture, language, values and norms within out community, especially that of the up coming generation.

2.3       Organise meetings, educational programmes and seminars relating to history, language and culture of the Sherpa heritage.

2.4       Establish and maintain cordial relations between the Sherpas and other communities (whether Nepalese or any other nationalities & ethnic origin) within United Kingdom.

2.5       Promote socio-economic development of Nepal and its people.

2.6       Support in the alleviation of the effects of famine, mainly its victims in poorer regions, and other natural disasters that take place in Nepal.

2.7       Undertake any other community & social events/activities, which the Executive Committee members may decide as appropriate.


3.1       Ordinary Membership:     Sherpas aged 18 years or above, residing in the United

Kingdom may apply for Ordinary Membership of the Sherpa Association United Kingdom (SAUK). The membership fees are as follows:

  • Single £15.00.
  • Family membership £25.00 (family membership would cover husband, wife and children below the age of 18 years).

3.2       Life Membership:      Sherpas aged 18 years or above, residing in the United Kingdom           may apply for Life Membership of the Sherpa Association United Kingdom (UK). The membership fees are as follows:

  • Single £101.00.
  • Family Membership £201.00 (family membership will cover husband, wife and children below the age of 18 years).

3.3       Honorary Membership:   The Executive Committee may enrol any person as an Honorary Member of the Sherpa Association United Kingdom as and when it is deemed appropriate.

3.4       Payment of Membership Fee:   Membership fee must be paid in full at the initial stages of the application process. Members wishing to apply for the Life member can pay on instalment basis if preferred to do so.

3.5       Duration of Ordinary Membership:   Ordinary membership will start on the day of Lhosar and expires on the day before the next Lhosar, irrespective of time the membership is obtained. Renewal of membership is encouraged on the day of Lhosar every year.

3.6       Founder Members:   Members in the ad-hoc Committee shall be the founding members of the Sherpa Association United Kingdom (SAUK).


4.1       Annual General Meeting (AGM):   Annual General Meeting of the Sherpa Association United Kingdom will be held after 4 – 6 weeks of the Lhosar celebration day/date. All members are encouraged to attend this important event in order to drive the association forward.  The date, time and venue will be notified to all the members at least 8 weeks prior to the Annual General meeting.

4.2       Conduct of General Meetings:   Annual General Meeting will have to be conducted by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Association. It can also however be conducted by someone who has been appointed by the Executive Committee in their absence.

4.3       Extraordinary General Meeting:   The Executive committee or the Association’s ordinary members can call an Extraordinary General Meeting for special issues. He or she can register for the EGM with endorsing more than 50% of ordinary members’ written application. The EGM callers will have to submit issues to the Chairman prior to discussion during EGM. Successful entrees can only take place if 21 days notice has been given to all members of the Association stating the date, time and venue for the EGM. The special issues raised will be discussed in-depth and voted upon in such Extraordinary General Meeting.

4.4       Voting:   All matters during any general meetings will be put through voting; either by raising hands or by secret ballots to accept or decline the proposal. The decision will be made by simple majority of votes from those present at the meeting. However, any matter, if the chairman feels to change any existing constitution, it must be supported by at least 50% of the members of the Association.

4.5       Quorum:   Should there be less than 10 members, nothing will be discussed and the meeting will not proceed. Where the number of members present at any general meetings fall below ten, the meeting will be adjourned and be postponed for the same day, time and venue for the following week.

4.6       Agenda:   The Agendas for the Annual General Meeting will be prepared by the Executive Committee prior to presenting it to the members during AGM. The Treasurer will also present financial reports on the day. Any Members wishing to discuss matters related to the Association must forward their enquiries to the General Secretary at least 4 weeks in advance. The General Secretary will consolidate the Agendas and forward it to the members at least 3 – 4 weeks ahead of the AGM.

4.7       Chairman’s Vote:   In the event of any votes at the General Meeting resulting in a tie, the chairman (or person conducting the general meeting) will cast the deciding vote.


5.1       Election:   The Election will be held during every Third Annual General Meeting or at the end of 3 years tenure of the current Executive Members. There will be election held for each post of the office of the Executive Committee, Sherpa Association United Kingdom. An Election Commission will be formed to conduct the election at least 2 weeks prior to the General Assembly.

5.2       Eligibility:   All the ordinary members of the Association are eligible to contest in the election and have a right to cast their votes and to be elected. The candidates must register their names with the Election Commission at least 2 days prior to the election for the intended Executive posts he or she wishes to contest.

5.3       The Election Result:   The Election Commission will announce the results at the end of the General Assembly once the voting has been completed and processed satisfactorily. Some vacated posts may be filled for the remaining two years period appointed by the newly elected Executive Committee’s decision.


6.1       The Central Executive Committee will consist of 15 members as follows:

(i)         Chairman, Vice chairman, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer,

Cultural Secretary, Assistant Cultural Secretary, Media/Public Relation Member & Six Members.

(ii)        The term of the Executive Committee will be for Three years.

  • In addition to the above, there are Regional Co-ordination Members appointed.

7.1       A provision to establish local Sub-Committee was decided from the General Meeting in 2008. The Executive Committee will grant it where there are more than 50 adult individuals in the area who have expressed their interest to have a Sub-Committee. The local Sub-Committee will consist of the following:

  • Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Members.

7.2       The Local Sub-Committee will be responsible for organising cultural functions & social gatherings to raise funds for the benefit of the Sherpa community of that region.

7.3       Locally generated funds will be managed by the local Sub-Committee themselves.

7.4       They will take part in Interactive Programs with other Local Officials and Organisations in the area.

7.5       The Local Sub-Committee will ensure that the programs organised in the area will not clash with central programme of the Association.


8.1       Chairman:   He/She is responsible for conducting general meetings (whether annual or extraordinary) and Executive Committee meeting of the Association. He or she is also responsible for other tasks determined by the Executive Committee as they are deemed necessary.

8.2       Vice-Chairman:   He/She is responsible for assisting the Chairman and deputise in his/her absence. He or She will undertake other tasks as determined by the Executive Committee.

8.3       General Secretary:   He/She is responsible for drafting minutes and maintaining records of General Meetings (whether annual or extraordinary) and Executive Committee Meetings of the Association. He or She will be further responsible for maintaining correspondences as instructed by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. He or She is also responsible for coordinating other tasks as determined by the Executive Committee and will have to present consolidated Annual Report to the General Meeting every year.

8.4       Secretary:   He/she is responsible for assisting the General Secretary and deputise in their absence. He/She will have to undertake other tasks as determined by the Executive Committee.

8.5       Treasurer:   He/she is responsible for all financial matters of the Association. He/She is further responsible for maintaining transactions and accurate financial accounts belonging to the Sherpa Association United Kingdom. He is further responsible for presenting Annual Financial Report to the General Meeting for clarity & scrutiny. He/She will undertake other tasks as determined by Executive Committee.

8.6       Assistant Treasurer:   He/she is responsible for assisting the Treasurer and representing in his/her absence. He/She will undertake such tasks as determined by the Executive Committee.

8.7       Cultural Secretary:   He/she is responsible for coordinating artists to teach Sherpa songs and traditional dance for the performance at Association’s Annual event and take part in various other events organised by the other communities.

8.8       Assistant Cultural Secretary.   He/she is responsible for assisting Cultural secretary when needed. He/She will also stand-in if required.

8.9       Media Member.   He/she is responsible for collating information of association during meetings in consultation with General Secretary and will liaise with local and overseas press/medias to publish the news. He/She will ensure that the Chairman or Vice-Chairman has approved news of the association prior to forwarding it to the press.

8.10     Members:    There will be such number of Executive Committee Members being not less than six as to be conducive for good and efficient management of the Sherpa Association United Kingdoms’ affairs.

8.11     Regional Co-Ordinating Members.   In addition to the above, Regional Co-ordinating members have been appointed for smooth functioning of the Association with the aim of reaching out to every single member when festivals are organised.

8.12     Local Executive Committee Members.   The Executive Members of the Local Sub-Committee will oversee and be accountable for the local activities.


9.1       Power of the Executive Committee:   The Executive Committee is the principle governing body of the Sherpa Association UK. It may:

(i)         Act on behalf of Association in decision making during difficult circumstances.

(ii)        Represent the Association in any assemblies in the United Kingdom and address the issues on its behalf.

(iii)       Appoint members to sub-committee and local coordinators as and when necessary.

(iv)       Delegate its power of authority to Sub-Committee provided that at all times such Sub-Committees are chaired by Executive Committee members.

(v)        Report any issues scrutinized by subordinate to the Executive Committee of the Association.

9.2       Committee Meetings:   The Chairman or Vice-Chairman shall conduct All Executive Committee meetings in absence of the Chairman.  All members may speak and vote at Executive Committee Meetings. Executive Committee Meetings must be held at least as frequently as once every three months. The date, time and venue will have to be determined by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman in his absence. Executive Committee members should be notified at least two weeks prior to the date of any such meeting.

9.3       Emergency Meeting:   This will be called-in if the members of the Association have been involved in any natural disasters and calamity depending on the circumstances. The Chairman will call-out the meeting immediately if required to do so. All Executive Members/Advisers must attend if called upon.

9.4       Advisors:   The Executive Committee may appoint Advisors as it sees fit to enable the proper and efficient management of the Sherpa Association United Kingdoms’ internal & external affairs. Advisors shall not have the right to attend Executive Committee meeting unless invited to do so, and may not vote at Executive Committee meetings under any circumstances.

9.5       Executive Committee Decisions:   A majority shall make all Executive Committee decisions. Where in the opinion of the chairman (or in the Chairman’s absence, the vice-chairman) a formal vote is necessary, voting shall be done by raising hands (for and against) and recorded in the minutes.

9.6       Dissolution of Executive Member:   The Executive Committee Members and Area Co-ordinating Executive Committee Members will be dissolved after 3 years. They will have no power to decide any issues on behalf of the association and will be deemed to have resigned as an Executive Committee member. Any Executive members who fall under the following criteria would also be deemed as unsuitable to carry on further duties on behalf of the association:

(i)         If He/She has a criminal court case.

(ii)        If He/She has Mental Health issues or similar problems.

(iii)       If He/She does not follow the Codes of Conduct of the association.

(iv)      Upon expiry of their membership of the Sherpa Association UK they do not renew it within fourteen days.

(v)        Failure to attend three meetings of the Executive Committee without the prior approval of Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

(vi)      Note: – Any Sherpa organization or personal from outside the United Kingdom (UK) desired to do any events in the United Kingdom they must seek permission from Sherpa Association UK prior to proceedings.